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Progress Report

Partition Wall

This year we decided to change the way we order our plugs. In previous years we received as many as 11000 plants in one go, this was difficult for the people we support to manage as the seedlings had to planted really quickly. This year we are spreading out the deliveries over a series of weeks to reduce the pressure. So far the results have been beyond expectation: the team has managed to plant everything ahead of schedule without any anxiety or frustration. They have been happy to work at their own with minimal help, often they have helped each other. So fare far they have potted over 2000 plants covering more than 30 varieties.

Much of the internal work on the greenhouse has been completed. We now have a partition wall dividing off the work area from the sales. All of the broken flooring has been replaced with concrete and the raised beds have all been painted to highlight the kerbs for added public safety. All that remains now is to build a new hanging basket stand large enough to hols up to 30 baskets.

Everyone is looking forward to the opening day in May as they will all get to try out the new till system with a its barcode scanner and stock control system.

Partition Wall