Unicia Rubra perennial


Unicia Rubra a colourful grass all year round.

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Grass – Unica RubraCare of Japanese Blood Grass The better the sun exposure, the truer and deeper the red color becomes in this spectacular ornamental grass. Established plants can withstand low moisture situations, but for the best appearance, water once weekly. Water plants in containers at least once per week in summer but reduce watering in winter as the plant goes dormant. Division is the quickest and most reliable method of propagating this plant. As long as the Japanese blood grass plant is installed in a well-draining soil, few problems exist. However, those in clay soils tend to have wet roots, which promote root rots and fungus. The blades of the grass may get eaten by snails and slugs and can also get rust disease, which disfigures the leaves. Avoid overhead watering and use an organic slug bait to keep the brilliantly colored foliage free of holes and damage.

Read more at Gardening Know How: Care Of Japanese Blood Grass: Tips For Growing Japanese Blood Grasses https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/foliage/japanese-blood-grass/care-of-japanese-blood-grass.htm


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