Calibrachoa – Starlight Blue


Calibrachoa – Starlight Blue – Annual


calibrachoa starllight blue

Growing Calibrachoa Plants 

Growing Calibrachoa million bells is easy. They prefer to be grown in moist but well-drained, organically rich soil in full sun. They do not tolerate high pH soils, though the plants will take very light shade and may tolerate some drought. In fact, plants with some shade will survive longer into the summer months, especially in warmer regions.

Purchase or plant your seedlings in spring and set out after the last frost in your area.

Calibrachoa Care

Caring for million bells flower is minimal. The soil should be kept fairly moist but not soggy, especially in full sun areas as they may succumb to the intense heat of summer. Container plants require more watering.

Calibrachoa care includes periodic fertilizer applications in the garden, though you may need to fertilize more regularly when in a container or hanging basket.

Deadheading this plant is not required, as it is considered to be self-cleaning, meaning the spent flowers readily drop following bloom. You can, however, pinch Calibrachoa back regularly to encourage a more compact growth habit.

Growing Calibrachoa Million Bells: Growing Information And Calibrachoa Care


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