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Outdoor Seating

This summer we decided it was time to revamp the place a bit. In light of this we decided to build ourselves an outdoor seating area. This gave us an opportunity to teach the guys a new set of life skills and more than a touch of teamwork.

First we raided the remains of our pallet stock to see how may similar pallets we could find. Brendon and Freddy began dragging out the pallets sorting them into piles until we had enough to get started. 

After a couple of hours we had the first few benches roughly placed. Sadly, no one wanted to do any digging to level the seats, so that was left to staff to do. For once, luck was with us in the shape of two pallets with complete decks which we used as tables in the centre.Together we laid out the pallets on the grass roughly where we wanted the seats, stacking them to an appropriate height. It turned out to be whole lot simpler than we first thought. All we had to do was to  cut two pallets in half and stack them up. The four pieces were them screwed together. Extra boards were pulled from other pallets to fill the gaps and make it look a bit neater.

To stop people stepping over the low wall we added a simple fence made from some old posts and glazing pallets kindly donated by TCS in Crawley. Now it just needed a lick of paint and a splash of colour. The finishing touch was the brilliant idea of adding some flowers cut from the walls of some old tires and the job was done.

A big thanks to everyone who took part.